Our Services

Our Approach

We take a stable, consistent, risk-aware investment approach to our business, which places our clients and investment teams right at the heart of the process.

Our fund management teams work closely with our clients to deliver investment performance that meets their objectives. The teams operate within a defined investment process with established risk controls, accompanied by investment committee oversight. The investment committee comprises senior investment professionals together with representatives from our specialist teams.

Our investment process is designed to draw on the knowledge and experience from across our global real estate business. Our fund management teams benefit from the input of colleagues, with expertise in areas including research, transaction structuring, finance, treasury, responsible property investment and development. This allows us to fully consider investment activity undertaken on behalf of our clients at all levels, from property to the financial level, as well as any impact upon fund performance and associated risks.

Land Purchase & Acquisition

  • Provide expertise for acquiring the land for project & its development.
  • Giving you the necessary information i.e. Market Pricing, Environmental Issues, Utility, Right of Ways, Ordinance, Traffic Count, Demographics.
  • All the information that helps you makes the right decisions.
  • Access to best possible way for utilization of the project site.
  • Relationships with the project owners, developers, utility representatives, municipal authorities.
  • Determine the value of land holdings
  • Maximizing presence by reaching qualified buyers & developers
  • Develop our relationship with the brokerage community.
  • Uncovering potential opportunities for land acquisition
  • Aggressively negotiating to provide best possible terms whether buyer or seller of land
  • Providing needed services i.e. debt & equity financing, Valuation consulting, Real Estate Tax Consulting & much more to protect your investments.

Market Study & survey

Every project is unique and although basic needs of an end user stay consistent, still the added facilities can be something which can make or break any project in real estate. We are keeping updates and information about audience and investors to have Target Audience Based Identification.

Project Features & Specifications

We strongly believe in the concept of Project Features & Highlights Specification. If the features are not identified and highlighted, a project can never be successful. So we are fully focused on sale and market values which we can to involve in the project and get high level achievement of success.

Media Planning

Our media planning is a head of real estate project marketing company in Pakistan. From concepts to copy writing till prices and selling of product, we are doing the best in this domain. We draft the most balanced media plans which keep the project in news. We have a complete life cycle of Media Planning which allow us to make the project a” Word of Mouth” marketing success. Our experience in the business has helped us learn that a few major stakeholders are involved when a media campaign has to be run for a real estate project marketing campaign. These are:

  • Advertisers (Manufacturing / Service-based Companies)
  • Media & Advertising Agencies
  • Program Content Developers & Marketers

We ensure to create sync between all these stakeholders from the initial planning till final execution of the media plan. This segment of marketing campaign involves a lot of responsibility plus reliable people who can take complete ownership of everything. Vendors work as a dedicated unit of professionals.


A highly trained and objective oriented team of professional telemarketing staff is active for the client’s 24/7. The telemarketing team provides complete backup support to the clients, investors and end customers.

Property Marketing Specialists

The foundation of our work comes from a deep understanding of the commercial real estate industry and our drive to build upon and maximize the value of all our property marketing projects, including office, residential, retail and mixed-use, life science and industrial properties.

Global Representation

Representatives of Humrah marketing are ready to serve the clients across the country as well as around the globe. Humrah Marketing has successfully developed a huge network of international real estate marketing.

Beyond Traditional Marketing

Projects are presented to selected segments of buyers through Gatherings, Events, including:

  • Seminars
  • Media Briefings
  • Corporate Hi-Tea Events
  • Site Entertainment Event

Media Planning

We help you to visualize and forecast the result of your investments clearly, thus reducing the uncertainty that is considered a hallmark of real estate business and investments in Pakistan.

Our Motive


We grow up group, business, brands and standards.

Our Wish

Let’s do join business with absolute legitimacy to make safe and redirect venture to the future.

Our Promise

Drive growth through attractive insights and execution.

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